Brand Audits
Leading Australian and international organisations leverage Brand Audits’ unparalleled corporate brand expertise to maximise, protect, and build their brand. Our auditing services keep your brand strategically focussed while fusing customer touch-points with exceptional brand experiences. We’re passionate about brand auditing because it’s the key to protecting your brand’s value, preventing brand erosion, and increasing your market position. The bottom line is that your brand is one of your most important and valuable assets and it needs on-going brand management and trade mark protection.

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Designer Law School
Designer Law School: A learning program and initiatives for multi-disciplined Design students, practicing Designers, and organisations working with Designers. Understanding the basic aspects of the law will assist Designers in making informed decisions in both their professional careers and personal lives. The intention is not to make Designers lawyers but to make them confident decision makers and excellent, proactive clients when seeking assistance from their trusted advisors and lawyers.

The Wrap Dress
The Wrap Dress suits every body, every application, and every occasion. It’s effortlessly chic and endlessly versatile. It’s comfortable and durable, flattering and forgiving. There are no zips, no clips, no buttons, no fuss. The Wrap Dress provides a ready answer for the daily dilemma of “what will I wear?” It’s easy to dress up or down. It will take you wherever you need to go—from home to work to play; from breakfast meetings to school runs to cocktails. And you’ll look as fresh in the evening as you did in the morning. It’s the perfect cover-up for trips to the gym, yoga, tennis, the pool or beach. It’s also the ideal travel companion. Just fold or roll and pack—your Wrap Dress will emerge crisp and ready to go. Made with fab Italian fabrics. When there’s nothing in your wardrobe, no more room in your suitcase and no more time in your day, you’ll be rapt in The Wrap Dress. Easy wear. Easy care.

Travel Stitch
From a life-long passion for drawing and love of food + travel, Christine captures images from travel experiences via embroidered napkins. Her starting point was her drawings from New York—from cups of coffee and porridge bowls enjoyed at West Gotham Markets to amazing crack pie at Momofuko’s Milk Cafe to people lining up to enjoy burgers and fries at the Shake Shack. Christine interprets the stories around the food experiences—the memories, the smells, and the taste of the food and the experiences of travel—to create a tangible travel + food memory and great talking point at your next brunch or dinner party.