I was born with a pencil in my hand!

From a very early age, I loved to draw, paint, colour in, and all things art! This passion continues into my adult life and I am lucky enough to combine my design and illustration skills into my ‘grown-up’ design and illustration businesses. I am a Brisbane-based, Australian based artist with both creative and business skills.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, I made a commitment to draw every day—no matter what! And I have taken this idea a step further and created a new brand, Drawing Strength to demonstrate the strength gained and personal satisfaction from revisiting a life-long, creative passion; the excitement of starting and finishing every new project; and the positive effect creativity has on both your work life and personal life.

Every piece tells a story…
I am inspired by beautiful things — from jewellery, to fashion, to food, and to cities around the world. I am very curious about the story about each subject, so I undertake extensive research to understand their history and to gather as much information as I can about before undertaking each project. I use high-quality tools and materials to create artwork that tells a beautiful story through every detailed mark on the paper. I hope you love the pieces as much as I do!

Christine Jane Moody, Designer + Illustrator + Artist.

> More about me: Resume

> Proud supporter of RWBH Foundation (Art for fundraising); and Clayfield College (Annual Art + Design Prize).