What we do x Brand Audits
> Independent review of brand strategy in regards to positioning, naming, and brand identity redesign (or brand identity refresh)
> Review of current brand strategy and brand assets—trade marks, marketing, advertising, design, public relations, and customer service et al
> Research to understand customers (and other stakeholders) using ethnographic methods
> Intangible assets and trade marks review
> Brand ‘touch points’ review to understand the customer’s journey and brand experience
> Creation of all-of-brand guidelines for all brand custodians—internal and external
> Annual review to ensure ongoing protection of assets—new and existing
> Strategic advice including creation of easy-to-use ‘action plan’
> Brand coaching, mentoring, and training for all levels of the organisation.

When to contact us
> Brand touch points are inconsistent across the organisation
> Boards / Executive team require independent advice on brand strategy and identity design
> Brand name and brand identity no longer reflects the organisation’s desired market position
> Brand audits required on an ongoing basis.

Outcomes of what we do
> Independent, strategic brand report which identifies gaps and opportunities
> Peace of mind in Board decision making in regards to brand strategy and implementation
> Consistency across all brand assets—brand image, experience, and promise
> Organisation-wide capability and knowledge of the importance of brand consistency
> A strong understanding of ‘brand’ and its value by all stakeholders (internal and external)
> An increase in brand awareness, brand equity, and brand protection leading to an increase in brand trust and brand reputation
> Brand differentiation through clear, consistent, and recognisable brand messages.

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