‘BrandWalk’ is a Brand Audits’ professional development product for Executives. The idea behind ‘BrandWalk’ is for Executives to experience first hand the brand ‘touch points’ of leading retailers and to inspire creative thinking and innovation in their own organisations. By choosing familiar, but non-competing brands, ‘BrandWalk’ highlights key touch points in the context of the brand platform, strategy, products, and services.

The outcome of this ‘hands on’ tour is a deeper understanding of how leading companies develop brands and how every touch point is strategically designed to deliver a consistent brand experience. The learnings can be applied to any company brand—retail or professional services. ‘BrandWalk’ includes pre- and post-tour briefings and visits to up to four retail stores using the BrandWalk: Field Guide. Additional mentoring and coaching post-tour is also available to embed the learnings into your team and across the organisation.