ABC Radio Brisbane: The Retail Panel
with Steve Austin, DRIVE

Wednesday 03 August 2022: Listen from 1:14:00
The Retail Panel—what affect will inflation and rise in interest rates have on retail?
> How will supermarkets fair as grocery prices rise? 💰
> Would you like a ‘recharge’ with your chicken/fries? 🍟
> Are we a nation of shopaholics? 😜

Wednesday 20 July 2022: Listen from 1:16:00
The Retail Panel—out and about!
> What’s happening w/ restaurants / cafes in the Eagle Street Precinct (CBD) who are not part of the redevelopment? ☕️
> Even the humble sausage sizzle can’t escape the rising food costs — what’s happening? 🌭
> EOFY winners are grinners! Who are the winners? 😜
> Plus retail life in general out and about… 💃

Wednesday 05 July 2022: Listen from 1:07:00
Retail wrap up!
> “Stop spending so much if you want lower rates”—words no retailer wants to hear 💰
>  RM Williams boot prices gallop away 🐴
> Will recruitment apps help with staff shortages in restaurants / cafes? 📱
> Lismore shopping centre opens after months of rebuilding 🛍

Wednesday 08 June 2022: Listen from 1:12:00
Always so much to talk about when it comes to retail!
> Are older customers still nervous to venture out IRL to shop post-covid? 😷
> Will the great ‘BLT’ (Bacon / Lettuce / Tomato) sandwich become a thing of the past? 🥪
> Celebrating AUSTRALIA MADE week — do consumers care? 🦘
> Finally the end of plastic shopping bags — what will replace them? 🛍

Wednesday 25 May 2022: Listen from 1:05:00
Talking all things retail again!
> What happens to retail if there is a lift in the minimum wage? 💵
> Extended shopping hours for regional towns a goer? ⏰
> End of the (fishing) line for 102-year-old Alvey? 🎣
> Why are the big retail brands — Nike et al — going after the next ‘Gen’ (Gen Alpha)? 👟
> What’s the rush for online marketplaces ie, Woolworths? 🧑🏼‍💻

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ABC Radio Canberra: The Art of The Sell
with Anna Vidot, DRIVE

Tuesday 09 August 2022: Listen from 1:13:00
The Art of the Sell… selling the ‘no tie’ dress code 👔
The first week of parliament was smooth sailing except for some controversy around ‘naked necks’ — aka non-tie-wearing MPs 🙈
> What happened in question time—w/ another member calling out ‘state of undress’? 🩳
> Why are ties disappearing from our business attire? 🎽
> How have ties hung around (men’s necks) for so long? ⏰
> Where are ties still making an appearance? 🍒
> How do we sell the idea of contemporary dress standards — no tie required? 🕺 

Tuesday 02 August 2022: Listen from 1:14:00
The Art of the Sell… selling old brands to new customers 🌸
ABC celebrates its 90th birthday this year, as do other iconic Australian brands—RM Williams, Weet-Bix, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Vegemite 📆
> What are these brands doing to continue their success? 🕺
> Why do some brands last and others don’t? 🏄‍♀️
> What can brands do to ensure their longevity? 👵🏻
> How do brands continue to sell to new customers without losing their old customers? 🏃‍♂️…

Tuesday 26 July 2022: Listen from 1:16:00
The Art of the Sell… selling optimism🕺
> When you watch the news these days, it’s hard not to be pessimistic…we have ongoing COVID-19 cases, Monkeypox announced as global emergency, polio reappearing, wars in Europe, economic downturn, climate change et al…how do we remain—or become—optimistic (glass half-full v half-empty)? 🥛
> Feels like we’ve all had a punch in the gut, however, the great news is, apparently we can learn optimism—how? 🥊
> Why is optimism important for work and play?  ⛹️‍♀️
> How is optimism being sold to us and what brands are benefitting from this? 🌸

Tuesday 19 July 2022: Listen from 1:10:00
The Art of the Sell… selling repairs (vs throwing out) 🗑
> Why is this trend becoming popular with brands and customers alike? 🔨
> Beyond the shoe repair kiosks we see in every shopping mall, what are some brands moving into repairs as well selling products? 🧶
> How is this being offered by brands and are customers interested? 🪛
> What is the extent of repairs some brands offering? 📏
What restrictions have some brands put on this offering vs others who have ‘lifetime’ repairs offers? 🤔
How do brands sell to us this service ie, it’s has to be included in the original product cost, so are we happy to pay extra? 🛍
> Inspired x SMH article: ‘The company repairing old sneakers so you don’t have to throw them away’, 🗞

Tuesday 12 July 2022: Listen from 1:13:00
The Art of the Sell… selling brand extensions 📏
> This week Aldi announced it’s opening a pop-up wine bar in Sydney with wine at 83 cents a glass—Why is Aldi doing this? 🍷
> Why do some brands extend beyond their original offerings? 🤔
> What are some of the successful brand extensions? 🎉
> What are some of the not-so-successful brand extensions? 😪
> How do brands sell to us when they’re entering new sectors? 🕺

Tuesday 05 July 2022: Listen from 1:13:00
The Art of the Sell… selling cooking to young people 🤔
> Why are more young people ‘heating and eating’ or ordering food delivery vs actual cooking from scratch? 🥡
> Why are ‘ready-made meals’ increasing by 13%? 🍱
> And at the same time as less cooking why is there an increase in watching cooking shows? 📺
> What’s happened to cooking skills for young people and why is it so important to learn to cook? 🍳
> How do we sell the idea of cooking (from scratch) to young people? 🧑‍🍳

Tuesday 28 June 2022: Listen from 1:10:00
The Art of the Sell… selling incentives / perks to attract and retain staff 💃
> With the unemployment rate @3.9%1m+ Australians quitting their jobs; and more “STAFF WANTED” signs going uphow are companies attracting and retaining staff?  🐝
> Why is company brand important to attract staff in the first place? 🧲
> What incentives are on offer? 💰
> How are these incentives being sold to potential employees? 🕺
> What innovative incentives are some companies offering and how? 🧶

Tuesday 21 June 2022: Listen from 1:17:00
The Art of the Sell… selling creative ideas
> With his latest film ELVIS hitting Australian cinema screens this week, how did Baz Luhrmann convince backers to support him in funding his break-out film, Strictly Ballroom (1992)🕺
> How do you sell creative ideas?  📣
> How are ideas sold to us, even if there’s nothing to see, touch, smell…? 🙈
> Which companies / brands exist to sell creative ideas? 👯‍♀️

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