ABC Radio Brisbane: The Retail Panel
with Steve Austin, DRIVE

Wednesday 09 June 2021: Listen from 1:15:00
News on Amazon Warehouse launch and all things retail
> Why is Amazon expanding to the second-hand marketplace?
> Why retailers such as Coles and Woolworths spending millions on staff education and training programs?

Wednesday 26 May 2021: Listen from 1:15:30
BuyMade in Australia’ to help Australian retailers
> What is the inaugural ‘Australian Made Week’ which kicks off this week (24-30 May)?
> Why is Amazon entering the ‘Print On Demand’ market here is Australia?
> What is ‘Buy from the Bush’ and how did this grassroots idea move from a Facebook page to a physical, bricks-and-mortar store?

Thursday 15 April 2021: Listen from 1:19:30
The ‘S’ word: Sustainability in the retail industry
> Why are retailers tailoring their business models to reflect their focus on sustainability?
> What does ‘sustainability’ mean in the retail context?
> Who are the retailers doing innovative things in this space?
> What demographics are typically drawn to sustainable retailers?

Thursday 01 April 2021: Listen from 1:17:30
What’s happening in retail in the lead up to the Easter break?
> What impact did the recent three-day lockdown have on retail?
> What are the Easter retail figures and the most popular items?
> Who are the retailers doing well during this period?

Thursday 18 March 2021: Listen from 1:09:00
What retail trends will continue post-Covid?
> What online shopping trends are set to continue?
> Why is the Australian Wool industry excited about the new trend emerging beyond AthleisureCommuter Wear—as seen on ABC’s Landline program?
> What’s happening in retail for Easter?

ABC Radio Canberra: The Art of The Sell
with Anna Vidot, DRIVE

Tuesday 08 June 2021: Listen from 1:15:00
The Art of The Sell…Selling physical books in the digital world
> In the era of digital… e-books, audio, etc, are physical books still popular?
> Do you prefer reading physical books or reading e-books on your device?
> Has COVID-19 lockdowns affected our reading habits?
> What’s happening with Australian book stores?

Tuesday 25 May 2021: Listen from 1:11:45
The Art of The Sell…Selling kitchen gadgets (when our drawers and counter tops are already full of them)
> What are the latest trends in kitchen gadgets?
> How does a kitchen gadget gain cult status?
> How are kitchen gadgets ‘sold’ to us?
> What are some of the funniest kitchen gadgets?

Tuesday 11 May 2021: Listen from 1:15:30
The Art of The Sell…Selling ‘lab-grown’/’fake’ diamonds (vs ‘natural’/’real’ diamonds)
> How do you go from selling ‘real’ to selling ‘fakes’?
> Why are consumers moving to lab-grown diamonds?
> What is the future of ‘real’ diamonds?
> How have the messages changed (the ‘selling’)? 

Tuesday 27 April 2021: Listen from 1:15:15
The Art of The Sell…Selling the use of public transport to the public
> What has happened to public transport usage since Covid-19?
> How do you sell using public transport again to nervous commuters?
> Why is it important to encourage the use of public transport?

Tuesday 13 April 2021: Listen from 1:07:20
The Art of The Sell…Selling a trade as the first career choice
> What and where are the trade shortages?
> How do you sell in a trade career to women?
> How do we encourage mature-age workers to consider a trade?
> What are the barriers?

Tuesday 30 March 2021: Listen from 1:13:00
The Art of The Sell…Selling a political career to women
> What are the current stats for female participation in parliament?
> Why is it important for more women to enter politics?
> What are some of the barriers?
> How do we get more women to participant?
> Who are the female role models?

Tuesday 16 March 2021: Listen from 1:05:00
The Art of The Sell…Selling the rebrand
> What do you do if your company needs an entire rebrand?
> Why it’s important to have a strategy before starting a rebrand?
> How do you go about a rebrand?
> Does a rebrand lead to an increase in sales?


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